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Dedicated to my mother Padmavathy Chandrasekharan .....

What I Do

Hi I am Gita Ramachandran retired in a Senior Management Position from a Maharatna Company,  I am an International Best seller of 2 books and is also featured as one of the 21 successful leaders worldwide from different walks of life in the book  from High Productivity Practices successful Leaders and featured on cover of Glorious India Magazine 

 I am on a Mission to empower 10000 young working professionals to transform themselves, gain leadership positions, achieve their aspirations and fulfil their dreams by facilitating them to ‘DREAM, DESIGN & DRIVE their DESTINY’. I am the founder of Gita’s Gyan Academy and am Digital , Success & Leadership Coach. As a Life Transformation Strategist, I help one to achieve success and meet their goals in all walks of life using my Goal fulfilment  Blueprint, A systematic and structured approach  to Meeting Goals and driving your Destiny

I am an enthusiastic  person,  having passion,  to serve and help  each one to recognize and achieve their full potential. I  would  like to help  them  to believe in themselves and  step into their brilliance with clarity courage , confidence and persistence, I would want to  help them  go beyond with passion and purpose . In order to do that…….. see below 

I Coach
I Create

I have  embarked on a journey as a  Digital , Leadership  and Success Coach and Life Transformation Strategist  and am Founder  of   Gita’s Gyan Academy. 

I  develop  courses  to  help one achieve  skills in excelling themselves , interact and collaborate well to   ensure WIN WIN  for all and  develop themselves as Leaders. 


 This is followed by Group coaching,  and exclusive  membership to Like minded Mastermind groups for accelerating the progress.

I also  create customized programs to help individuals take control of their lives, tap into their brilliance, maximize their potential and empower them to be successful. For this I conduct an online introductory session, to set the context to decide if we are the perfect fit to proceed to the next level. If we are ready, we proceed to the next level of one-on-one coaching sessions. 

  I help  people to  accomplish  their goals in life , by a   well proven scientific approach    which  is focused on systems and structures 

You may contact me  from the Contact    section Tab with subject as ‘coaching’ to get more details   or book a clarity call using the  Social Media Handles  Tab in the menu.

I Author
I Speak

I  have authored 2 Best Seller Books   “Skyrocket to new Heights ” , which became an an International Best  Seller  and the second Book “Skyrocket Teams to Incredible Heights ”   became a best seller in multiple categories on Amazon India . These Books will help individuals  and Teams to Outperform themselves and attain Success  consistently.

The Third Book “SELF -PUBLISH YOUR DREAM BOOK : Ultimate Guide to Research, Write, Edit, Format, Publish, Launch and Market your book on Amazon  will help any aspiring author who wants to write his book . It is  a comprehensive book covering  everything you need to know about self-publishing on Amazon including step by step process with screen shots for formatting and  publishing  for both eBook and Paperback.

I believe in Work Life balance and the Wheel  of Life and my goals   are   directed to wards    having healthy relationships  with my Family, Friends and  Relatives . I ensure that one has a fulfilling life   be it in their  Career, Relataionships,  Health, Happines, Self development, Hobbies and Community.

I am    invited to speak at various forums, Book Launches,  to motivate and inspire students, teachers, professionals, women folk and entrepreneurs


I Blog
I Serve

I have been pursuing books, seminars and workshops   on self improvement and leadership  qualities. As my forte is in applying those  principles to real life issues, I write on them  in my books, and  on my Blog here.

You can also read  articles  written by me on   Medium   at    https://gitaramachandran.medium.com/.  I also like to encourage others to  demonstrate  their skills.

So  I invite them to share their stories and messages to the world  so that I can post their articles on my blog  here under Guests section .  

In addition to enjoying Music, reading  and compering for  shows,  I  design Costume Jewelry  with all types of Media  as a Hobby.

As the Universe has given me in abundance , I would like to give back to Soceity in equal measure  . So in addition to coaching  I am part of Charitable inititives  and do as whta is possible for me 

I  enthusiastic about giving back to Society  as per my capacity  and so am a founding Member   of Recca Sewa Charitable Soceity  and  also co sponsor of Lt Col N Chandrasekharan Memorial Scholarship to  financially backward ,  meritorious student  of Final year Mechanical  Engineering  every year at REC Calicut  ( CREC SJET )

Gita’s Gyan Academy  for Success,  Leadership & Life Transformation

Launched on 10/11/2021    ( on my 42nd Wedding Anniversary  in memory of my Dads 21st Death Anniversary )  with the intention to  help  people stuck somewhere in their Life . Help me in helping them .. God will bless you    . I am trained and certified  under India’s Leading coaches  Puja Puneet and Sidharth Rajsekar 
1 to 1  Coaching  AWESOME ME 
  • Help me awaken and transform you to the  next version,
  • Help you balance your work life & achieve success,
  • Help you to set goals, focus, and improve your performance  to the next level , 
  • Help you  to work on your resistance and limiting  beliefs ,
  •  Help you to improve Focus & concentration,  Competency and Consistency
  • Help you to improve Courage Clarity  and Confidence , 
  • Help to  motivate  and  make you more productive
  • Help you to take 100% responsibility for your life, and
  • Guide you on  setting boundaries for  having  better relationship with your family, friends, co workers ,  peers,  your clients and those with whom you interact  

Course    AMAZING  ME

  • Self paced course  designed   especially for the busy professionals desiring  to Master Time Maximize Productivity and harmonize Work Life challenges with  Proper Prioritization techniques

     ☸️A course which will propel you from wherever you are, to wherever you want to be and help you to dream, design and drive your destiny and make you amazing by   placing   ahead of any competition

    ☸️A course which will address overwhelm and related stress and   change one’s life forever

    ☸️ The course will cover tried, tested and proven strategies for making one  become productive and will include the following 

     ✅Identify and prioritize your life goals, and help you navigate your path to success

    ✅Setting goals with action plan for achieving the same

    ✅Prioritizing your tasks

    ✅Managing time and  ensuring that you complete everything you start – no matter how big or small it is

    ✅Achieve your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and lifetime goals

    ✅Scaling productivity by 3x – and succeed in achieving  your goals

    ✅Remove procrastination from your life .

    ✅Reframing your attitude for positivity and success

    ✅Balancing and bringing harmony in your work and  life

    ✅Traits and attributes to be acquired for achieving your goals to become successful  ,

    ✅Setting your mindset for success at all times Ways to handle failures and motivate oneself

    ✅Levelling up your Confidence  and Your Focus

     ☸️Life time Access and exclusive membership to mastermind group of likeminded individuals   and community members who have same goals and vision like you to support and  push you ahead


Siddhharth Rajsekar and Gita Ramachandran

My Inspiration

Today    16/06/2021 – 3 months from 16/03/2021, an eventful and  unforgettable day  in my life   when  my dear mother Mrs Padmavathy Chandrasekharan breathed her last, I dedicate this Website  in her Everlasting Memory  and seek her blessings …………….. Gita Ramachandran 

This site  is dedicated in everlasting memory  of  my mother Mrs Padmavathy  Chandrasekharan  01/03/1933 to 16/03/2021, 

  And my  Dad  Lt Col. N Chandrasekharan who left us forever on 10th Nov 2000  who is fondly remembered   by  all of us   @  Blog    Lt Col. N. Chandrasekharan   

My mother Mrs Padmavathy Chandrasekharan   has influenced me the most. She always kept other persons interest above hers, and wanted the best for her children, family, friends, neighbors and  relatives. She never ever spoke  ill of others, and was  always smiling, cheerful,  caring, giving and helpful. She was self-reliant, disciplined and a stickler for time, and taught us what love and sacrifice is all about. A great cook,  well-travelled, and a voracious reader, she  loved to hear songs and watch classical dance programs. She could  converse well in English, Hindi and Malayalam and could  remember each one  by face and relationships till her demise. She knew a variety of recipes, treatments for various diseases, and was a lively person who could talk endlessly on various topics and whose motto in life was to give. She would usually say       ” Whatever is given to others is the only thing which is permanent” and encouraged all of us to  also be generous.  Influenced by her,  am starting this website as a means to give  whatever is possible for me and whatever God helps me to give.  


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