Let Me Help You to overshoot your Goals

Dedicated to my mother Padmavathy Chandrasekharan .....

What I Do

I am an enthusiastic  person,  having passion,  to help  each one recognize and achieve their full potential. I  would  like to help  them  to believe in themselves and  step into their brilliance with confidence and persistence, I would want to  help them  go beyond with passion and purpose . In order to do that…….. see below 

I Coach.

I have  embarked on a journey as a  Success Coach and Life Transformation Strategist   at my own  Gita’s Gyan Academy. I create customized programs to help individuals take control of their lives, tap into their brilliance, maximize their potential and empower them to be successful. For this I conduct an online introductory session, to set the context to decide if we are the perfect fit to proceed to the next level. If we are ready, we proceed to the next level of one-on-one coaching sessions.  You may contact me  from the Contact    section Tab with subject as ‘coaching’ to get more details   or book clarity call using the  Social Media Handles  Tab of the menu.

I Author
I Speak

I  have authored 2 Best Seller Books   “Skyrocket to new Heights ” , which became an an International Best  Seller  and the second Book “Skyrocket Teams to Incredibe Heights ”  which also became a best seller on Amazon India . These Books will help individuals  and Teams to Outperform themselves and attain Success  consistenetly.

I am    invited to speak at various forums, Book Launches,  to motivate and inspire students, teachers, professionals, women folk and entrepreneurs     .

I Write.

I have been pursuing books, seminars and workshops   on self improvement and leadership  qualities. As my forte is in applying those  principles to real life issues, I write on them  in my books and  on my Blog here. You can also read  articles  written by me on   Medium   at    https://gitaramachandran.medium.com/.  I also like to encourage others to  demonstrate  their skills. So  I invite them to share their stories and messages to the world  so that I can post their articles on my blog  here under Guests section .  

Help me awaken and transform you to the  next version, help you balance your work life & achieve success, help you to set goals, focus, and improve your performance  to the next level ,  work on your resistance and limiting  beliefs , and motivate  to make you more productive ,

Gita’s Gyan Academy  for Success  & Life Transformation

Launched on 10/11/2021    ( on our 42nd Wedding Anniversary  in memory of my Dads 21st Death Anniversary )  with the intention to  help  people stuck somewhere in their Life . Help me in helping them .. God will bless you  .

Help you to take 100% responsibility for your life,  guide you on  setting boundaries and having  better relationship with your family, friends, co workers ,  peers,  your clients and those with whom you interact

My Inspiration

Today    16/06/2021 – 3 months from 16/03/2021, an eventful and  unforgettable day  in my life   when  my dear mother Mrs Padmavathy Chandrasekharan breathed her last, I dedicate this Website  in her Everlasting Memory  and seek her blessings …………….. Gita Ramachandran 

My Inspiration

<-- Mrs Padmavathy Chandrasekharan

And my  Dad  Lt Col. N Chandrasekharan who left us forever on 10th Nov 2000  who is remembered fondly  by  all of us @   Lt Col. N. Chandrasekharan  

My mother Mrs Padmavathy Chandrasekharan   has influenced me the most. She always kept other persons interest above hers, and wanted the best for her children, family, friends, neighbors and  relatives. She never ever spoke  ill of others, and was  always smiling, cheerful,  caring, giving and helpful. She was self-reliant, disciplined and a stickler for time, and taught us what love and sacrifice is all about. A great cook,  well-travelled, and a voracious reader, she  loved to hear songs and watch classical dance programs. She could  converse well in English, Hindi and Malayalam and could  remember each one  by face and relationships till her demise. She knew a variety of recipes, treatments for various diseases, and was a lively person who could talk endlessly on various topics and whose motto in life was to give. She would usually say       ” Whatever is given to others is the only thing which is permanent” and encouraged all of us to  also be generous.  Influenced by her,  am starting this website as a means to give  whatever is possible for me and whatever God helps me to give.  

Dedicated in everlasting memory  of  my mother Mrs Padmavathy  Chandrasekharan  01/03/1933 to 16/03/2021


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