Gita Ramachandran


Gita Ramachandran is a well-established, experienced and respected leader in the technology sector

 She has won many National Awards for technological innovations carried out by her for the organizations she has been working for. She has earned a name for herself for being known as a visionary and strategist for initiating and carrying out pioneering work in the Oil Industry and has a lot of FIRSTs to her credit. She has a penchant for learning new skills and applying the knowledge so gained in projects started by her.

She is an International Best seller of 2 books authored and published by her  and also featured as one of the 21  successful leaders   world wide from different walks of life in the book High Productivity Practices from successful Leaders and is Co Author  in the Book ‘ I CAN COACH’ by Siddharth Rajsekar . 

Her mission is to awaken and empower 10000  youngsters. So she has founded the Gitas Gyan Academy and is now a  Digital, Success & Leadership Coach & a Life Transformation Strategist to help them achieve success in all walks of life

 She has Won the Top  100  Woman Icon Award in 2021   and top 100 Woman Leadership Awards in 2022 as well as recognized by She Excellence. In 2022  she won the  Top 100 Powerful Personalities Award by Glantor X , Asian Literary Award  by Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industries  and  Iconic Mentor  and Author Award by La Excellentia  and Divine Durga Award as the Best Iconic Personality of the Year 2023.  She was also featured by Brilliant Read as an Award Winning Leader, Entrepreneur Coach, Consultant, Mentor,     Bestselling Author and Influencer 2023 and featured on the cover of Glorious India Magazine with a 6 page featured Interview as well featured as an Inspiring women in the Book INSPIRING WOMEN   by La Excellentia

Gita Ramachandran  a qualified engineer from NITC, and a University rank holder,  has the distinction of being the first lady engineer recruited by Bharat Petroleum in the late seventies 

She has won many National Awards for technological innovations like Golden Peacock National Award, National Award for Excellence as the Best Women Executive in the Oil & Gas Sector, Woman Achiever in IT National Award for contributions to & excellence in IT Sector.

She established the IT & ERP set up in the Grassroots Refinery BORL at BINA making BORL the First Smart Digital Refinery in India with two records of quickest implementation of SAP worldwide and has lot of FIRSTs  to her credit including implementation  of IP telephony first time ever  in  the Oil Industries  in India and recognized with EDGE Award, and showcasing the same in various forums .


National Award – Outstanding Woman Executive in Oil and Gas Sector – from NPMP  2005
Golden Peacock National Award  for Innovative Products and Services –  by IOD  2003
  National Award  – Woman Achiever  in IT  – by Interop 2014
  EDGE Award  2011 for Transforming  To Smartest  Digital Refinery 

Founding member  of Recca SEWA Society a Charity organization set up by Ex students of Calicut Regional Engineering College (REC), presently known as National Institute of Technology, Calicut (NITC)with the intention of giving something back to those, who unfortunately have had to bear more than their share of life’s misfortunes…

She  also the EC Member  of Recca Sewa


 Gita  has also designed and handcrafted  exclusive costume jewelry  under  her brand Gehnaa   using various media ranging from Assorted beads of Glass, Ceramic, Metal, Wood ,  Polymer and Terracotta Clay, Buttons , Fabric, Feathers,  Paper  Silk and Cotton Thread , Semi Precious SIf tones  and posted them on Facebook .  You may  have a look at the  URL shown below  and if you liked them you may kindly  like and share   link for Gehnaa  at Gehnaagr 

Jewellery Making Journal

Recognition as Women ICON

Recognition  as Successful Leader   

Gita  has also written and Published a book on Amazon   which is  now a Best Seller   on Amazon  India, USA, UK, Canada,  and Australia . Her Book  “Skyrocket to New Heights” has   tried and tested tips   to set up SMART Goals, Self -Motivate, develop a growth mindset, create empowering and effective Habits, manage time, remain positive, develop oneself and attain  great heights by achieving 100 percent success in any project taken up.. Each chapter explains the fundamental principle, the steps to be tried and incorporated, to enable one to be focused, effective, positive, disciplined, in one’s approach and committed to resolving problems on one’s own and deliver stellar performance consistently For more details   on this book   and upcoming books please  like and join the Facebook group

“Skyrocket To New Heights”  is available  for purchase at this link  on Amazon  

She has also brought out the second book of the series  Scaling up the corporate Ladder 

Skyrocket  Teams To Incredible  Heights”

This book provides guidelines, tips, case studies and live examples to make a team perform exceptionally well. Those desirous of delivering outstanding performance individually or through teams, as well as those who want to bounce the team back from an imminent downfall, will find the insights provided in the book, credible enough to take them on a spiraling upward journey of incredible performance. You may buy this book on the URL at Amazon  

Authored  Books 

1. Skyrocket To new Heights 2. Skyrocket Teams to Incredible Heights
3. Self -Publish your dream book on Amazon


Recognized as International Best Seller

Taking up the challenge ,  became a Book finisher in Jul   2022 and published the third book, which will help aspiring authors to   Author and Self publish their dream Book 

“SELF -PUBLISH YOUR DREAM BOOK : Ultimate Guide to Research, Write, Edit, Format, Publish, Launch and Market your book on Amazon

This is a comprehensive book covering  everything you need to know about self-publishing on Amazon including step by step process with screen shots for formatting, publishing  for both eBook and Paperback, as well as linking your Payoneer Account to KDP Dashboard, a checklist, guidelines for designing covers with Title, Sub title, pricing strategy, writing the description, selecting key words and categories, making one’s book discoverable  on Amazon,  besides training one’s mind

✅Besides elucidating on the writing principles, it also covers, Why one  should choose Self-publishing  and why  Amazon, in the first place, How to research and write your book without suffering from “writer’s block ” or “imposter syndrome”

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When you find yourself juggling many priorities, responsibilities, relationships, pressures, attaining Work Life Balance at all times, is difficult as it occurs all the time.

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