7 Different Aspects to Branding

Branding : 7 Different Aspects to Branding from Siddharth Rajsekar’s huge experience

Liked this Video session by Sidharth Rajsekar very much. In fact I was struggling to understand how to establish my brand. I had started writing on Medium, Quora,  Linked in,  and also opened an Account on Instagram,  Business profile page on Facebook, and started posting contents without proper direction. This session was an eye opener, as there were wonderful takeaways for me  to  help me  start my journey  with tips given in this video. With   lots of gratitude to Sid ,  here are the takeaways for me , which can also be  referred  to by  all my  friends.

The contents were basically covered under 7 areas those being 

  1. What is branding and why it is important
  2. How to build a personal brand
  3. Strategy for business branding
  4. Key Elements / Strategy for Branding on Youtube,
  5. Key Elements / Strategy for Branding on Instagram 
  6. Key Elements / Strategy for Branding on Facebook   
  7. Top 10 Elements for Branding

These will provide guidance on how to build a personal and business brand, get connected to our niche and contribute to the world.

1 What is branding:

 This is  distinguished by  3 main  aspects   of   Value, Emotion and Identity.

How the brand delivers  its Value, How   it   connects emotionally with you, what the brand  stands for and  what is it’s  identity: meaning their logo, the look and feel, the energy, the customer experience   and so on.

If these are perfect, your brand will have a greater recall value

  1. Why is it important to build your Personal Brand and how you can build your personal Brand .

People generally connect with your persona, so they first  buy  you  and then go into  products under your Brand, and the 5 different elements for  building the Personal Brand are Core, Design, System, Contents and Community

Core :-  You  need to identify  the core elements ie  What is the problem that you are going to solve, Who do you solve that problem for, what channels do they hang out on,  and what contents will resonate with them, the  Audience.   

Design  consists of   4  elements  which are  the Photoshoot, the Logo , the Fonts/ Brand colours and Design

As it’s a personal Brand, your photo   shot properly can  make a huge difference to the personal branding.  The look and feel can be standardized with the same fonts and same color combinations used across your Website/ PPTs, Community and other products and services your brand stands for. The personal Signature Logo and Community Logo if  used appropriately can   make a high  impact in the  brand recall value to your customers.

System : You should focus on getting   a Personal Branded Website where you are able to exercise more controls,  in addition  to publishing  contents on different  Social Media Channels. Valuable contents on Social Media channels can lead your fans to visit your personal branded website  to know more and more about you, which can make you more credible and authoritative.  The Branded personal website should be designed to convey  all details to the readers  like your core Message and Mission,  what you stand for , Social proof, testimonials, endorsements,  reviews,  links to your  Social Media handles and so on.

Contents: You should have a good strategy   for publishing your contents. These can  be in the form of Long Form ( like the You tube Videos),    Short form and Paid contents for the students/ clients  who have joined the Community for accessing the paid courses, coaching  and contents

Community :  is basically the groups that we become a  part of.  The  community  always remains loyal  to you,   and becomes the main element or the resource, which helps  you. You can have a  community  built  with  groups  created on Facebook for the Public as well as a separate private  network for your paid members, and so on.

  1. Strategy for branding your business: Here also the core value remains same, that of a consistent and powerful message and mission which your business stands for. Strategy has to be driven by your Products and Services which begins with your Funnels.   The third  branding  strategy being conversions of Leads including  lead generation, and sales strategy    using webinars and master classes.

 4 Key Elements / Strategy   for Branding on  YouTube,: You tube is the  preferred  source  as the content posted there  will remain  forever in  the  public domain.  It is strategized as a  Long term Plan, sustainable and standing the test of time, and will be used years after the same is published.  

Here the 5 core elements are

1) Right Channel Art with the same standardized look and feel, attractive and aligned to  your business

2). Posting after  doing   research  on appropriate keywords relevant to your topic, 

 3.Proper  scheduling  of the Contents,  consistent posting  to help build your audience and You tube Algorithms’  

  1. Long form content to give value to your audience and 5. The style of Production, unique and specific to you  like using Mind map/ PPTs  etc.
  1. Key Elements / Strategy for Branding on  Instagram  : In addition to optimizing your profile with  relevant and important information,  hashtags , branding the highlights,  branding and  standardizing the look and feel  with  placement of branded Reels/ videos to provide teaser contents, Carousels with scrollable tips and  Call To Actions ,   Using Quotes, and addition  of  lifestyle pics which  garner more likes, and comments . These will increase engagement  and your brand Value

6.Key Elements / Strategy   for Branding on Facebook : In addition to your Profile Page, Your pages for the Fans  with strong message  matter a lot for branding. Having a Group for your community on Facebook would reap lots  of comments and takeaways  by  the  paid clients   who attend  your sessions. These add lots of value to building your brand over time .

7 Top 10 Elements for  Branding 

 The brief but precise consolidated points gave   clarity on how to proceed with one’s Branding  so that we could communicate   our core  message and  mission to the world. The top 10 elements are    focusing on the Missions/ Message, Logo, Fonts, Colours, Website, Social Media, Contents, Funnels, Community and Results achieved by your clients. All should have standardized and  consistent  branded look and feel  conveying your mission and message  You need to have all these  10  elements in place to  make your Brand  remarkable,  relatable and recallable

Thank you for providing this valuable  information which is going to help  me in a big way . 

Pl watch  Siddharth Rajsekar’s session on You tube  here  at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m298ktnv6Gk