Embarking on a Journey of Transformation: A Tale of Passion and Purpose

Siddhharth Rajsekar and Gita Ramachandran


Retirement, a time when one would imagine a cozy life, filled with leisure and relaxation. But for me, it was a moment of settling down and finding my place in a new chapter of life. Changing addresses, updating official records, and adjusting to the identity of a retired individual were all part of the process.

Amidst all these, moments with family members, meeting old friends and batchmates, enjoying celebrations, globe-trotting, attending weddings, organizing reunions, watching movies, pursuing hobbies, there was a lingering feeling of being useless, as if the spotlight that once shone on me during my dynamic career had now faded away.

Then came the cruel twist of fate — the pandemic. Travel restrictions, cancelled reunions, restricted weddings and shuttered theaters left me longing for the vibrant experiences I once cherished.

It was during this time of introspection that I discovered a hidden talent — the ability to weave compelling non-fiction stories through my writing. It was like a new door that had opened, and I felt an overwhelming desire to pass on my knowledge and experiences to the next generation.

I had always worn the mantle of being logical, writing in bullet points, steering clear of artistic or linguistic pursuits. Writing, in particular, seemed distant from my forte. I did experiment in rhymes, finding solace in their structured logic and the rhythm.

However, the contours of my life shifted dramatically when I became a part of the Authors group mentored by Mr Som Bathla. It was here, that the dormant scribe within me awoke, revealing a new facet of my capabilities. I had the opportunity of writing 2 International Best sellers on Amazon and writing the third book for aspiring Authors to help them author and publish their Dream Book

Books authored and self published by Gita Ramachandran

Embracing this new journey, I met the visionary Siddharth Rajsekar, who ignited my passion for learning once again. Prior to this, I had joined few online courses, but they did not give me the fulfilment that I was seeking. I found myself merely consuming information, answering few tests and getting certified. I wanted to do something which went deeper but it seemed elusive.

It gained momentum as his words resonated deeply, igniting a spark of Purpose. On being introduced to Puja Puneet, I found my calling and my Passion, marking my entry into the foray of Coaching and Mentoring. The seeds were sown “Authoring Mentoring and Digital Coaching“ with the dream of doing something bigger and greater .

Life skills with Puja and Digital technologies with Siddharth became my new playground, filling me with the same exhilaration as that from a new wine bottle. And then, I experienced the ultimate fulfillment when I started coaching others, like the nectar quenching my thirst for serving others and making a difference.

Having said that, let me take you through my Transformational Journey which has been penned to inspire those who may want to start their Digital coaching journey.

Embracing Transformation

Embracing Transformation Through Learning Opportunities

1. My Journey of Growth and Impact

It was the first quarter of 2022, when I enrolled for my first Hackathon by Siddharth (Sidz as we call him affectionately ). Cracking the same and becoming a Freedom Finisher marked my first significant stride, a leap towards my potential. The journey felt natural, each step unfolding with ease.

I absorbed the teachings like dehydrated earth soaking in rain, and I was among the first few in that quarter to complete the tasks and submit the assignment sheets the day the mail was sent to us, and a win here was an affirmation that my path was taking shape.

Gita Ramachandran being interviewed by Siddharth Rajsekar when she became a Freedom Finisher

2. Seizing Opportunities: A Transformational Path to Technical Grounding

In the whirlwind of 9 missions, each brimming with tasks and challenges, I found my true capabilities. This remarkable journey included:

1. Crafting a Strategy Document

2. Curating 100 Thought-Provoking Questions

3. Designing a PDF Lead Magnet

4. Cultivating a Private VIP Group

5. Navigating the Landscape of Convert Kit Setup

6. Embarking on a Personal Website Setup

7. Unleashing Demio / Webinar Setup

8. Establishing Teachables Framework

9. Elevating Content with Tripwire + Bonuses

10. Captivating 30-day video challenge including posting them on social media along with posting few compelling stories.

Dabbling with each of the technologies involved, exploring, learning , implementing and getting expertise in each of them, within each week as demanded for the 9 missions of the Hackathon. This felt like this was something which was just earmarked for me.

I did not skip any of the Missions and attended them with all dedication, even though I had to attend the first one from the confines of a Hotel Room, as I was holidaying with my family. The self-paced and recorded videos gave me the comfort to carry out all the tasks and assignments without any further assistance.

I was so adept at the Technologies involved, that I volunteered to be a facilitator for the Hackathon in the 3rd Quarter and groomed my team members to be finishers.

3. A Metamorphosis Beyond the Horizon: Publishing Daily

Taking up Sidz’s challenge to post a video daily on Social Media was my first bold move in the hackathon. I was camera conscious and fumbled and stumbled when I spoke. While others might have chosen YouTube, I opted for the easy option of doing Reels, being camera shy. A mere 1-minute video, focusing on Productivity and Time Management Hacks, congruent to the niche I had selected for developing my Course, seemed doable.

The session wherein he challenged us went on up to 11:30 PM or 12 AM, leaving me drained. But as I was committed, I recorded the 1 minute reel countless times till I was satisfied and posted it around 2:30 AM. I upheld this for the next 30 days, becoming more and more comfortable on the camera.

The Pros:

ü Confidence surged and facing the camera became a breeze.

ü My ability to record courses with ease soared.

ü I tackled the Hackathon with renewed vigor, emerging as a Freedom Finisher — a badge of triumph for my persistence and dedication.

ü I could make my presence felt on social media without being self conscious, which was seen as the most impossible feat in the Hackathon.

ü Muscles of consistency strengthened, setting a rhythm in my life.

The Cons:

ý At times the quality dipped, due to the urgency of meeting the challenge.

ý Stress often crept in, juggling multiple commitments under the weight of the challenge.

ý Moments of dread appeared as the challenge at times turned into a task.

ý Burnout occasionally set in, eroding the initial enthusiasm.

But, I could achieve unparalleled sense of accomplishment as I wouldn’t rest until the video was published daily for the next 30 days. All those who had known me were wonderstruck at this Metamorphosis in me.

4. A Path of Learning, Implementation, and Sharing

This transformation, you see, is not just about ticking off the tasks. It’s about the profound shift that comes from embracing opportunities. Not only did I delve into a diverse range of technologies, but I also embraced the ethos of learning, implementing, and teaching — a philosophy endorsed by Sidz’s Golden Triangle.

This resonated deeply with me, as this was what I had been seeking, not just consuming information, but also implementing and teaching what I learnt, setting me on a path of growth. Thereafter I coached many students wanting to learn about Webpages, Conversion Kit, Lead Magnets, LMS and other Technologies including Canva, editing and publishing reels and so on.

6. The Elixir of Continuous Learning

The journey bestowed upon me the elixir of life — the opportunity to learn, to stretch my capabilities, and to embrace new frontiers. People might view me as a whirlwind of activity, a dedicated doer. But for me, this was what I was searching for.

Going through You tube videos without a dedicated target was like seeking the needle in the haystack or say looking for the lock for a lost and found Key . I still do search for solutions on You tube, but I know the problem for which I am seeking the solution.

Each endeavor was driven by the community I joined and the mentorship of Sidz who not only clarified and cleared doubts in the weekly sessions, but also motivated and inspired us to do better.

7. Creating My Roadmap to Transformation

In this community, I discovered my personal Aladdin’s lamp — a constant source of learning, growth, and opportunities. There is so much to learn and grow

With the power of Artificial Intelligence entering the scene, and Sid leveraging the same by creating a course and a road map for us to utilize the power of AI , I could unlock a new dimension of knowledge.

The path is well structured, the roadmap is clear — all tailored for my progress. i just have to keep trusting and keep moving forward. I keep thanking the Universe for the opportunities I am getting to learn new technologies, implement new ideas and teach those who want to learn the same.

8. Challenging the Norms : Embracing the Power of Daily Content

In a world driven by trends and fleeting attention spans, the idea of publishing content daily on social media might sound like an audacious endeavor. Yet, within the folds of this challenge lies a remarkable journey of transformation, the kind that molds you through the crucible of consistency and creativity.

This journey transformed me, pushing boundaries, enhancing skills, and teaching me the importance of balancing challenge and well-being.

I learnt to record myself on videos and post them without bothering about likes or comments or perfection, something which I had never dared to do hitherto, making people known to me wonder at this change in me. Even now I don’t shy away from this task as we have been told to create more content than what we consume.

9. A Dance with Transformation: Navigating New Waters

But as life would have it, the script wasn’t one-dimensional. In the ever-evolving journey of challenges, not every endeavor unfurled flawlessly. Many challenges I undertook for myself met unforeseen roadblocks. Amidst life’s commitments, some mountains proved too steep to conquer.

Sales, a terrain foreign to me, emerged like an enigma. The Webinar Selling formula promised magic, but for someone like me, who had yet to find her voice, it was an uphill battle. I found solace in the shared struggles of fellow entrepreneurs, who had overcome similar hurdles. Their stories resonated, and their experience and encouragement recharged me.

10. My Transformation: Test of Perseverance.

Undeterred, I took charge. I designed my Landing pages, penned the Ad copy, orchestrated Ad campaigns with my own hands and tweaked the Webinars.

I tried the suggestions provided by our seasoned community members who addressed us and provided tips, tricks and hacks which helped me to learn further. I know that for some, these may look like a waste of time, but for me they were stepping stones.

I keep speaking about being Persistent and Perseverant when facing setbacks and failures. But the paradox of me being challenged and tested on what I myself was propagating hit me badly.

However I relied on the Self talk that I keep repeating to myself when facing stumbling blocks. “Shake it off and step up” , and I continued with my journey taking the failures as opportunities for learning and stepping stones to success

11. Bridging the Gap: The Final Flourish of Transformation

Each technology I mastered was just the beginning. My hunger to teach others and witness their success awakened a calling within me that had remained dormant until now.

v Crafting exquisite costume jewelry once sparked my creativity, but now, as an author and publisher of books, I found joy in research and connecting the dots to create meaningful stories.

v Dabbling in Technology I found my true passion.

v Coaching, with its transformative power, made me feel whole and content in a way I had never known before.

v Helping and Serving others made me find the purpose of my life

Today, I stand at the height of my journey, embracing my passion and purpose with unwavering determination. The road ahead may be filled with challenges, but with every step, I know I’m moving towards my true self.


Looking back, I’ve journeyed far from the logical realm I once inhabited. From battling words to embracing their fluidity, from a place of uncertainty to one of vision, from a place of confusion to one of clarity. The gulf between my past and present self has narrowed, a bridge of learning, implementing, coaching, and self-discovery.

Confronting Fears, Crafting Faith: The Transformation Unfolds

My tale, though far from its final chapter, bears witness to the transformative power of mentorship, resilience, belief and faith. I stand here today, a testament to the fact that even the most improbable journeys can pave the way for remarkable transformation.

It’s the fusion of faith and belief, a symphony conducted under the guiding baton of mentors. I embarked on this path, absorbing their teachings, their experiences. And in doing so, I transformed, stepping into a realm where my potential was no longer an enigma, but a beacon of growth.

A Tale Unfinished: Transformation from Logic to Creativity

And so, my story of transformation continues, fueled by the love for learning, the desire to uplift others, and the pursuit of a meaningful and fulfilling life.

My story stands testament to the power of embracing the unknown, of stepping out of the confines of logic and into the realm of possibility. It’s a narrative of challenges surmounted, skills honed, and dreams realized, all woven together by threads of passion and purpose.

It’s a journey of testimony to the boundless possibilities, when logic meets creativity, when fears are met with faith, and when mentors light the path.

The Beauty of Transformation : A Powerful Blend of Gratitude, Guidance and Growth

I’m grateful for each step, each challenge, and each moment that urged me to shed old skin and embrace the chrysalis of growth.

As I stand on the threshold of few accomplishments, I extend heartfelt gratitude to the Universe, my Family, Friends, Fans and Followers. Their unwavering support fueled my journey through the twists and turns, guided by the blessings of my late parents and the divine force that watched over me.

This is my transformation — a journey not merely shaped by accomplishments, but one sculpted by the power of learning, implementation, and mentorship.

My gratitude extends to the community, and most of all, to Sid and other mentors the guiding light in this transformative journey.

With Sidz at FBR

May my journey inspire others to embark on their transformational odysseys, embracing the unknown with open hearts and unwavering resolve as potential for growth and change lies within us .

As per my Flagship Program “Dream Design and Drive your Destiny “ I am crafting my own Destiny now

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