Learn how to Prioritize and Streamline your work,
Master the art of Time Management ,
Unlock the secrets to maximizing Productivity and 
Take your Business to the next level with proven Productivity Strategies                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

You will learn to  attain Work Life Balance  as well as Take your Business to the next level with Proven   Productivity  Strategies  using Dream Design and Drive  your Destiny Programs 


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National Award


Gita Ramachandran is Senior Retired Professional  from a Maharatna Company. She is  the founder of Gita’s Gyan Academy and is a Digital & Leadership Coach and a Life Transformation Strategist. She is also an  International Best seller of 2 books and is   featured as one of the 21 successful leaders worldwide from different walks of life in the book High Productivity Practices from successful Leaders. She is also featured  as an  Iconic Author,  Mentor, Coach and Leader  in quite a few  books and magazines and   been the recipient of multiple prestigious awards.

   She is  on a mission to empower 10000 young working professionals to transform themselves,  actualize their dreams, achieve their aspirations, and attain leadership positions. Through her unique approach of facilitating individuals to ‘DREAM, DESIGN & DRIVE their DESTINY,’ she paves the way for their remarkable success.  With Gita   as your mentor and guide, you can unlock your true potential, redefine success, and achieve your goals in any walk of life. Having received training under India’s leading Life Skills Coach, Puja Puneet, and renowned Digital Coach, Sidharth Rajsekar, Gita offers a comprehensive systems based  approach to success and goal attainment.

Gita’s own journey began as the first lady engineer in a predominantly male-dominated industry, where she had to put in three times the effort to gain visibility and recognition. This experience motivated her to adopt Time Management and all Productivity Principles, ultimately becoming a super productive achiever. Drawing from her lifelong experience, she is excited to share the secrets and strategies she has mastered. Her profound knowledge and expertise have led her to pioneer numerous initiatives and mentor over 1,000 young professionals, earning her multiple accolades and National Level Awards.  

              Join Gita on this transformative journey and discover the power of effective Time Management, work-life harmony, and exponential productivity.                                             Get ready to   unleash your potential, fulfill your dreams, and embark on a path of extraordinary achievement.

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Geeta ji is an inspiration along with… Geeta ji is an inspiration along with being a coach. And when these two are married magic is created. She gave me the love of a mother and supported me through my issues and very simply I was able to come out of my problems. She is a great acheiver and still not stopping but doing what she does best - helping others succeed. Thank you Geeta Ji. Date of experience: March 19, 2022

Chandni Sukhija

A true leader by example. Gita Mam is a person with immense experience in the Engineering sector for decades and now on to her relentless journey of coaching people towards achieving their goals and steering them towards success.She has a wonderful capability to explain the strategies and processes in a simple way, break things down to easily doable steps and also give that extra push to make sure that they get done.She would ensure that you leave no stone unturned in your journey of meeting your mile stones.It was a blessing to get an opportunity to be led by her and as part of a team, each one of us got invaluable guidance and support beyond our expectation to be able to cross the finish line and taste success.No wonder she is a Leadership coach and has absolutely shown it by example in the way she trains her mentees.Inspite of her vast experience and knowledge, she is a very warm, friendly and approachable person and truly inspiring in the way she continuously applies her new learnings in her life and shares the knowledge with others generously. Date of experience: January 01, 2023
Reetha Gopalkrishnan
Ex Quality Assurance Manager ( APAC)
Dedication and sincerity reflects at Gitaji... Dedication and sincerity are the keys that Gitaji holds and executes. During the period I have worked with her was truly a period to learn Leadership and dedication to accomplish the assignments. One can skyrocket his/her along with the team's ability in a strategic manner with her teachings, knowledge flow and of course a little push. She is a team leader, a teacher, a mentor and a friend to me. Date of experience: June 03, 2022

Asutosh Jena
Business Consultant

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