Gita’s Gyan Academy

Launched on 10th Nov 2021 – Linked to Teachables

At Gita’s Gyan Academy  the following are the types of courses  and coaching  offered by  Leadership Coach and Success and Life Transformation Strategist 

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Courses -Self paced with Silver , Gold and Diamond Membership with Community Access - Amazing Me, Brilliant Me and Dazzling me

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One to One Coaching - Customized for Individual Needs - Awesome Me

I create customized programs to help individuals take control of their lives, tap into their brilliance, maximize their potential and empower them to be successful. For this I will conduct an online introductory session to set the context and decide if we are the perfect fit to proceed to the next level. If we are ready, we will proceed to the next level of one-on-one coaching sessions.

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Seminars & Workshops and Boot camps, Fantastic Me

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Self Development

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Communication Skills

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Productivity & Performance Improvement

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I will provide the most perfect and valuable insights, tools and processes for transforming you as well as  help you   in  overcoming   issues  being  faced by you. This will help you to move past your mental barriers enabling you to  access your inherent  power, to create a life that reflects  your true values and possibilities. I will give you  the  necessary  support to integrate and apply it to your life which will transform you to an AWESOME  You .You can access   my  One on One Coaching  right now after booking a clarity call with me to know the right fit  for both of us     .  Other  courses will be available in due course

Who needs a Life Transformation and Success Coaching?

A.   Do you need a Life coach ?

Do you find yourself in these situations or is  your inner voice speaking to you  as follows?

I am lonely, I am not worthy enough, I feel suffocated, I am not  getting courage, I am confused,  I  have  problems with / or am unable to get along with  my spouse/ children/ siblings/ parents/ in laws/ boss/ subordinates/ peers,   I am unable to express myself , I   am not  valued by others, I am incompetent,  I   am being used , I am  over utilized/ underutilized,    I have been traumatized / used/ abused/ rejected ,  I am depressed/ guilty/ shunted/  worthless/ bullied/ coerced/ pitied/ overwhelmed/ frustrated/ stressed out/  bypassed/ criticized/  worried/ burnt out/ unhappy/, I have too much to do and getting overwhelmed not knowing how to go about, I am unable to forget the past, I am unable to find interest in anything, I don’t find joy,  I lost my job/ I lost my peace of mind, I have the fear of public speaking, I get paranoid, I am unable to focus, I am losing concentration, I am  unable to commit, I am rejected, I am always fearing  the unknown, I have  lost interest in life/ studies/ my career , Am getting frustrated as my work keeps piling up , I am overwhelmed with pending activities/deadlines,

I am unable to organize my time, am not effective, want to double my productivity and……

These are just a few of what I could think of, but there could be many more and probably the reason why  you’ve been feeling stuck or getting  held back from stepping into the larger life that’s beckoning you. The challenges and struggles you’ve been experiencing are blocking  you from  stepping into a larger vision for your life.  Then you need to have a Life coach,  who will help you to come out of these and help you  shine and take you from  where you are to  where you want to be

B.  Do you want to be successful and lead a harmonious life ?

         To have a harmonious and successful life you need to have goals in each area  of your  life as indicated below. If you are finding that you are going out of balance, and getting frustrated, you need to get in touch with a Success  coach, who can transform your life and help you get back to harmony.


C        Do you feel the need to change to a better version of yourself?

World needs your brilliance. Your self-actualization is critical for the future of our world.  But there is some gap which makes you un- happy.


Passion is something within you that provides the continual enthusiasm, focus, and energy you need to succeed, but you get distracted.


You want to have better relationship with your family and friends but    you are unable to set boundaries and take 100% Responsibility for your Life.  


Try as much, but unable to achieve  goals in this  area  of life,  as you get demotivated in forming and  persisting with  better habits, setting routines, being consistent and disciplined.   


You find that destiny is not supporting you and your luck is waning and you keep blaming  your fate .

Do some of these resonate with you ?  If you feel this pull to live a larger life, but also feel like, it is just beyond your reach, then you need to realize that you’re not alone.  A  Life transformation and Success Coach  can help you experience a greater level of success, in each and every area of your life  and help you  gain the power  on your own terms.  

 D   What can  you achieve  in different areas of your life ?

 Career : You can become authentically confident and visible,  become more  successful  aligned with your talents / career/ gifts and values . You can step forward as a highly impactful and effective change-maker who can exert more impact and influence.  

Finance : You can increase your prosperity in ways that are aligned to your You can flourish financially, make more money    and live up to your highest potential. You can tap into your creativity    and generate projects that are richly rewarding and also valued by others and more.

Relationship : You can create a better successful and meaningful relationships with family and friends. You can transform your current relationship, attract and create a loving life partnership and generate a better  visibility in your relationships   in the world

Spiritual : You can fulfill your life’s greatest calling/ purpose , unleash your spiritual power so that you can access deeper levels of wisdom, intuition, empathy, creativity, courage, confidence, and presence and contribute to community with a purpose and acieve your mission.

 Social / Friends :  You can find time for  real joy  and happiness, be supported, loved and valued by others as well as create Happiness and joy for others

Health and Fitness : You can achieve more vibrant health and  fitness,  and be free from aches and pains. You can release blocks that contribute to your inconsistency, anxiety leading to  health issues .

Personal Development: You can become a better version of you by becoming confident, competent, and consistent. You can finally live your destiny as the  one you were born to become by displaying more confidence / competence,  creativity, and exerting  impact, and influence .

So don’t settle for living a fraction of your potential, because the world needs your brilliance, and talents. When you are truly and passionately on purpose, the people, resources, and opportunities you need will naturally gravitate towards you, provided  you learn to operate the tools/ techniques and processes given to you by a Life transformation  and Success Coach

E      What are the sessions being  offered in  Gita’s Gyan Academy

 Level 1   Amazing Me : Contents will be  provided Online for paid    members who can login to access the contents  . I will be providing  the study material and the exact steps you can to take to Unlock Your Potential,    discover the new you, refine   and make you AMAZING    

Level 2    Brilliant Me : Contents  will  be provided Online for paid members   with access to Q &A, FAQs, and practical tips. I will    guide you  to help clarify your vision, remove your internal barriers ,  Connect with your deeper desires, Help you to achieve your  vision, goals and purpose by  providing   relevant study materials ,  exact  steps you need to take,   to  discover and transform yourself to become  the  BRILLIANT you    that  you are supposed to be

Level 3      Dazzling Me :  Contents will be provided Online for paid members  with access to Q&A  as per Level1  and Level2 as  indicated above   with   once a week Group Online Coaching  to clarify doubts 

Fantastic Me:  Master Classes  and Webinars, will  be tailored suitably,   as and when  the need is felt.

One to One coaching  sessions  : Awesome Me          

  These coaching sessions will be designed to help you clarify your vision, remove your inner barriers,  help you to dream and visualize a better  destiny ,  help you  create and take a  leap into your highest calling.   You will be able to  experience  success, love, power, creativity and impact that  you were craving for..

F   How my One  to  One coaching can help you

I will provide the most perfect and valuable insights, tools and processes for transforming you as well as  help you   in  overcoming   issues  being  faced by you. This will help you to move past your mental barriers enabling you to  access your inherent  power, to create a life that reflects  your true values and possibilities. I will give you  the  necessary  support to integrate and apply it to your life which will transform you to an AWESOME  You .

You can book a clarity call  with me from my website  for getting clarity       on the sessions and other  details   .

 F. How the system works

   During the   30 minutes clarity call , we will discuss the issues and get to know if we are the perfect fit  for one another to proceed to  the next level 

In the 5 to 10  sessions  of   1 hour each   spanning from 1 month to 3 months,    based on the depth  of issues faced by you and the customized  solution  designed for you ,   you will receive  my  support    to    

  • Connect with your deeper desires, and Dreams, and discover your vision ,  goals and purpose.
  • Identify the mental barriers, to get you reach  where you want  to go
  • Design and create a customized solution for you to help you  break free  from  
  • Provide the tools, techniques and processes to  help you   DO  them and  reach  your Destination  
  • Inspire you to design your life to move  beyond what you imagined yourself to reach,  and change your Destiny

G              A little bit about Me as a Success Coach  and Life Transformation Strategist

        I am an enthusiastic person,  having passion,  to help  one,  recognize and achieve their full potential. I  would love to help  people optimize their lives so that they can actualize their potential by  believing  in themselves and stepping into their brilliance with confidence and persistence, I  wish to   help them  go beyond, with passion and purpose

       I can help in awakening  and  transforming  people,  to the  next version, help in balancing  their work life & achieve success, help one in  setting  goals, focus, and improve their performance  to the next level ,  work on their  resistance and limiting  beliefs , and motivate    and  make them more productive ,

       Help one  to take 100% responsibility for their  life,  guide them  on  setting boundaries and having  better relationship with their family, friends,   workers ,  peers,  clients and those with whom one  interact