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Skyrocket Teams to Incredible Heights by Gita Ramachandran is a wonderful self-help book for building great teams and effective leaders and much more. The book is truly a gem as it comes from the industry expert who not only gives stats, facts, strategies, but also case studies. The basic idea of the book is to lay difference between two types of teams. One is full of star performers but it is unable to give glorious results. While on the other hand, there is an ordinary team that achieves great results with its consistency and cohesiveness.

Reading this book means getting to know whether you need futile and egoistic star performers or a simple team that is incredible and delivers exceptional values.

In total there are 7 chapters brimming with a fountain of knowledge. Let’s see some of them briefly.

Common Purpose:

It talks that a team having common purpose and interest towards a common/shared goal or mission performs better than a fragmented team of superstars. Be it any time duration, if common purpose is missing, the team may not get what it was anticipating.

Effective Leadership:

Any good team is impossible without a skillful leader. This chapter focuses on effective leadership, as it derives the team towards great performance and delivers higher feats. Effective leadership is flexible, task-driven, result oriented. This chapter shares details on becoming an effective leader in the corporate environment.

Roles and Responsibilities:

A good team is clear with roles and responsibilities. If this is sorted out, the works is done cohesively.

Other chapters in the line are Team Effectiveness, How to be Incredible, Conflict Resolution, and Communication. All the chapters are interconnected and batch up a sense of hope and optimism. The good thing is that the book is neither a cliché nor a banal entity.

The book is written in very simple language, making it affordable for millions of people. In each chapter, you will find relevant definition, pointers, case study, quotes from prominent figures, strategies, principles and much more. For the corporate people, it is a rich literature that not only guides in a fruitful direction but also empowers the overall take on good and effective team building. It is advisable to read this book slowly and make notes for future use.

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