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My talk on Persitence & Perseverence at Rotary Club today

Here I spoke of how one needs to develop Persistence and Perseverence to achieve ones Goals, the difference between the 2 and what action and steps are required to be taken to develop the same.

I am happy to say, that it was well appreciated by the Audience and they came around to tell me that it was very inspiring to them.

I enjoyed being the source of inspiration to an audience comprising of Doctors , entrepreneurs, CAs , Engineers

 The speech is posted on You tube 

“Today was a truly amazing day as I got to be the Chief Guest at the Eves Festival! 🎉 Stalls filled with incredible handcrafted items and other goodies were set up by our talented in-house members and vendors. It wasn’t just about products; we had a blast with cultural festivities and competitions too!

Witnessing the talents of our community members was an absolute delight. I shared some encouraging words to uplift not only the organizers but also the vendors and the fantastic audience


5 Keys to Unlocking Action:

🚀 I was honored to be the Chief Guest at a vibrant Eves Festival, celebrating creativity and culture! with Sale of Hand crafted items, food items and so on

✨As it had a mix of audience, I decided to cover pointers to appreciate those who had put up stalls, console the organizers who faced challenges of rain playing the spoil sport and motivate others who had not to enable them to take action next time.

Here are the nuggets I shared to inspire action and triumph over obstacles.
🌟 1. Mind is a Magnet: “Condition your mind positively to attract positive things in life. As your belief shapes your reality; condition your mind for positivity. If you believe you can, you will and if not , you wont”
💡 2. Show Stoppers: “On the road to success, anticipate show stoppers. They are trials, not roadblocks. Every setback is a step forward; and Failures are lessons for future . Persist with clear intentions, and Providence will lend a hand.”
🙏 3. Gratitude: “Success calls for gratitude. Regularly express thankfulness for results; it’s a magnet for abundance. Keep a gratitude journal; witness the continuous flow of positive outcomes.”
🚀 4. Procrastination: “Overcome the fear of failure, criticism, and judgment. Don’t wait for perfection; it’s often an illusion. Start with the first step; the key is to initiate action.”
🔥 5. Overcoming Procrastination: “Provide energy by dancing, declare ‘I can do it,’ and seize that momentum to take the first step; progress is about consistent, small actions.”
💬 Remember: “Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso

Embark on your journey of action today



“A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.” —Melinda Gates

IEEE PES Kerala Chapter  in conjunction with IEEE PES Women in Power Kerala  and IEEE R10 PES Women in Power  brings to you  ”Women of Wisdom, WOW 2.0  –   Tech Talk Series”

Tech Talk #3
Presenting our third dynamic spokesperson:
Gita Ramachandran
(Adjunct Faculty at Vidya Academy of Science and Technology || Ex-DGM IIS ERP at Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd)_

 Topic: “First Lady Engineer of Bharat Petroleum – Breaking Myths and Stereotypes”
📅 Date: 13/06/2021   Time: 7:30 – 8:30 PM (IST) Register at:  bit.ly/PES-WOW-3 
Let’s hearken her inspiring words and challenge the stereotypes faced by women‼️